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Humanity Needs Us to
Stay Open & RELATED!
Restoring Our Original Relational Connections
with Stephen Costen

We are in a very interesting part of our humanity as things get more and more polarized.


We often respond from a place of incoherence and disconnection.


We are a healing and support practice community deeply examining, looking, contemplating, and listening to the movement of life within and outside ourselves our unconscious individual and collective cultural shadows.


Living authentically with our core essence in these difficult, complexed, and chaotic times is our highest calling.


"Everything is not in the way, but is the way." 


We've got to find a way to live in our everyday life experiences in the workplace and in culture to stay related and not shut down.


We are an integral part of an emotionally changing world.








We have to relate to failing health, loss of jobs, insensitive bosses, partners  and working colleagues, family member's care, polarizing politics, being politically correct, vulnerability, failing economies, fast-changing and unfamiliar environments, and paradigm shifts.



Can we host difficult and challenging feelings inside while staying fully related and fully connected to your surroundings without being indifferent and shutting down?




Trying to relate to failing health, loss of jobs, loss of a loved one, cheating spouse, annoying patients, a difficult client, guiding and nurturing children, polarized politics and race, insensitive boss and working colleagues is most often than not tensionous and overwhelming.

We all have a need for meaningful relationships that transcend our isolation, dissociation and separateness.



It affects our ability to understand, assess, and intervenes with clients experiencing difficulty with relatedness.

"Everything exist in relationships, and only relationships exist"

And most of us follows the path of least resistance and of indifference, avoiding what we can at all cost. 

And yet, life needs us to stay open, to stay fully related, and engage so there would be the opportunity as a human race to evolve beyond this defaulted benchmark to higher relational potential.

Having to relate to the negative news of  he workplace, of cultural difficulties, and with all the choasappening in the world is overwhelming. 

...how other people's stark differences pushes us out of our comfort zones. 

...against disrupting the peaceful inner connection we worked hard to get.

...when I come closer to your energy with mine, I feel that part of you is leaving.

...when we can't get our way or do our work.

and even with the Divine


When I come closer to your energy with mine, I have the feeling that part of you is leaving.

When I see you, I have the feeling that part of you no longer see me.

When it's difficult relating to you, not hearing me. 

When returning to the unprocessed past in me that's too overwhelming.

When the past couldn't be processed.

When my untrained nervous system involuntarily activates my natural defenses.

When my defenses disrupt our connection and hampers our ability to stay related.

When our cultural differences pushes you out of your comfort zone.

We will be disconnected from the essence of our own being living into its highest relational state.

We will see and feel the affects of unprocessed, unintegrated energy wanting to shut us down.

We will feel isolated and separate from our natural clarity of perception.


"Staying open, staying clear and staying related to

what is unintegrated and most difficult 

is imperative for seeing and

experiencing the real world"




"Everything exist in relationship, and only relating exist!"


                                                         In the absence of inner coherence is our felt experience of stress, defensiveness, overwhelm, discomfort, pain, and suffering. The energy of past unprocessed, traumatic events will feel like a downward pull in our lives that makes it hard to move and relax in.

Without attunment and coherency we won't be able to clearly see, think, create, and feel what is going on inside us, let alone inside our clients and in the space in between. 

And this is not only an individual or isolated case. We are all connected. And without the download of a higher way of relating on a grander scale would affect the evolutionary growth and transformation of a higher human existence.


How much do we actually "exclude" from our relational space with ourselves and our clients?

What  more can we actually "include" that allows a deep intimate connection?

How can inner coherency contribute to our highest evolutionary potential?


Mastering your capacity to be the highest service your clients, and those you lead and care is what will be clear and empowered enough to bring real transformational change that will change everything. 

If you feel called to host spiritual integrative competencies for your work with clients and in culture then, I look forward to hearing from you.

Contact me today for a FREE CONSULTATION and start your masterful journey relating to your evolutionary edge in a way that connects you to the Divine, and your relational space with others.