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Humanity Needs Us to
Stay Open & RELATED!
Restoring Our Original Relational Connections
with Stephen Costen

About Me

Stephen Costen

"You are the vessel through which all dimensions of life passes through to fulfill itself towards its highest potential"

Do you have the capacity to open and to stay related to that which arises and meet you with something that's difficult?

The one thing we know about life is that it doesn't hold anything back. We will find ourselves sooner or later confronted with difficult, challenging or overwhelming moments that we will have to relate to.

And we will feel a need to give flight, fight, freeze, or to be indifferent to it.

Most clients of mine have tried to remedy their situations by doing it alone. then years and decades have passed with so little results that leaves them dumb-founded.

Stuborn blocks, and distorted lens of perception they use just won't allow them to understand and get clarity at a deeper level around their core issues. And they continue to suffer. Their nervous system just can't seem to relax. 

Everything thing good and growing in their life is present one moment and gone the next.

What remains unseen is that which operates just below our surface level. And to get to core issues and re-connect to our soul may take a spiritual mentor to help you self-heal, cultivate new paths to gain access to the deeper part of you that will change everything in your life, in what you do, and in how you serve and contribute in this world. Your growing and relational edge is where you live, work, and serve.

Hello, name is Stephen Costen, founding owner of Integrated Expressions. We help people explore and discover their highest relational potential in the places where they live, work, and serve. Clients come to me because of the unconscious tensions they carry around them every day. They can't see it, yet they can feel the weight of it. And even in their interactions with themselves, with the Divine, and with others they are hurt and ashamed (because they now better) with the indifferent and dustructive affects it leaves behind for all parties involved.

Many are responding to the need for safe relational spaces, and partnering with someone who is deeply committed to the divine and who can help guide and support them to deepen their search, connect intimately to their higher source, and contribute in a big way to evolve how we relate to ourselves, our dreams and with each other on this planet.

 In response to this need, Integrated Expressions offers individual and group personal and spiritual guidance or "life coaching" programs to entrepreneurs, small business owners, help and care practitioners, therapists, coaches, and spiritual practitioners. with a sincere desire to commit, and connect to a higher life that's inclusive of what has gone before and that which is beyond our conditioned and sometimes unconscious world.

Humanity's new evolving edge is inviting us to participate with it in a more deeper and intimate way. We are asked, now to release the "old ways of relating" into the new - a mutual inner and outer coherence underlying our whole process.

This guidance is offered in the form of either an 12-session one-on-one coaching program or a 7-session small group. If you feel called to this depth of engagement, please inquire via email for more information and rates, and to arrange an initial consultation.


Education:  Masters of Divinity, Masters of Business Administration

Certifications:  Abundance Intelligence Leader