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You feel you have something to contribute Human relations tend to be the most depleating, difficult, and stressfull area especially, those who choose to be true to their spiritual path.Yo

Business leaders, coaches, therapists, healing professionals knows what it would mean for humanity if people would develop the capacity to activate a higher relational intelligence in their process.

We may enjoy the absence of real life in the moment of solitude, reading a spiritual book, alone in nature, in meditation, or together as a group in a workshop, retreat or in service to others.

But what shows up when interacting with a friend, a partner, our children, a boss, a client, or even ourselves with whom we are in conflict?

Inner calm, silence, and peace can go in a fleeting moment leaving you to experience the turmoils of shame, disappointment of having known better.

We can approach our human relationships as a catalyst for the development of spiritual competencies rather than the competencies of our scarcity nature.


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