Spiritual Teachings & Contemplative Practices with Stephen Costen
Mastering spiritual principles, human relatedness for cultural evolution

What does it mean to host humanity's highest relating capacity in the moments met with conflict and difficulty?

How can timeless spiritual principles deepen our understanding of human relatedness in the marketplace?

What spiritual practice is equipped to handle our everyday experience in culture?



Everything exists in relationship, and only relating exist! 



The way we relate in the 21st century is void of...

A new human relatedness is destined to wake up to its own existence through us.

Most of us can't relate to any conflict or any difficulty that meets us in life or living in culture. 

We fear and give flight, fight, and freeze to unwanted moments. 

The verbial straw that triggers us may show up as: a friend's betrayal, loss of your health or a loved one, unexpected or unending financial strain, a shattered dream, or a relationship breakup.

Our ability to relate have need of an evolutionary update.

Hosting your highest relating capacity is your spiritual practice in culture, and in the marketplace and is your committment to your divine source.

As Transformative Leaders and Practitioners on a spiritual path, the way we relate to our clients, and other people in the marketplace and in culture has become increasingly difficult and extremely stressful. 

Stress accounts for...

We find ourselves incapable of hosting conflicts and any level of difficulty in our relations.

We often feel that we can't have a relation with what meets us in difficulty or in conflict.

We can't meet it at this time. As a result, humanity's highest potential appears to become more divided, separated, and disinterested, unconcerned towards its constitients and therefore unable to balance itself out.

The question before us if we have the will and capacity to awaken our ability to respond in a way evolved way.

How competent are we to meet and face what's difficult in our relating without turning away to distance ourselves from it?

it all in and explore our ability to respond in a new way?

n the way we relate to ourselves, others and in culture seems to be increasingly part of our every day life.

When you are at your leading edge, We all move through different states of relatedness, but it's the disruptive and disconnected ones that are so emotionally painful.

Living within the dynamics of culture can lead to alienation, isolation, separation, and loneliness that impacts having a healthy sense of belonging, presencing, and becoming.

We feel down-right helpless  that often leaves us vulnerable and powerless.

This is not how the grand scheme of things were designed to finally play itself out.

feel you have something to contribute Human relations tend to be the most depleating, difficult, and stressfull area especially, those who choose to be true to their spiritual path.Yo

  • Help me to relate to what I didn't see until now.
  • Help me respond to my future
  • Help me with my unintegrated selves showing up when I relate to myself, others, God, and with culture.
  • Help me with the parts of me that feels less than whole.
  • Help me with the parts of me incapable of embodying and expressing wholeness in myself and my client's.
  • Help me change the relationship I have with what I can't seem to avoid.
  • Help me with who I can be who I never could become.
  • Help me with my deep-seated sense of deficiency; not being enough; not living up to certain standards; feeling like a fraud; feeling like a nobody; feeling disoriented, groundless.
  • Help me as a practitioner I don't seem to let go, but keep things in place and reinforce it.
  • Help me integrate the part of me I abandoned in my youth in order to survive.
  • Help me with my response-ability and committment toward our highest creative principle.

Business leaders, coaches, therapists, healing professionals knows what it would mean for humanity if people would develop the capacity to activate a higher relational intelligence in their process.

We may enjoy the absence of real life in the moment of solitude, reading a spiritual book, alone in nature, in meditation, or together as a group in a workshop, retreat or in service to others.

But what shows up when interacting with a friend, a partner, our children, a boss, a client, or even ourselves with whom we are in conflict?

Inner calm, silence, and peace can go in a fleeting moment leaving you to experience the turmoils of shame, disappointment of having known better.

We can approach our human relationships as a catalyst for the development of spiritual competencies rather than the competencies of our scarcity nature.


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